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Learn More While Doing Less

April 11, 2013

It’s about time people start learning more while doing less. And yes, it’s not just some made up fantasy like the magic diet pill. You really can learn more while doing less. And it really does take almost zero effort. How? It’s pretty simple. It’s called a podcast.

Now this won’t work for everyone, because well not everyone has the luxury that I do with my job, and that’s to listen to an iPod all day while doing my job. For anyone who does have that luxury, well it’s time you stop filling your head with noise, and start filling it with some knowledge.

How Does It Work?

It’s pretty simple. If you select a proper, knowledgeable podcast, not something like an audio version of ESPN, you’ll basically hear a lecture the whole time you’re listening. You can’t truly multi-task in the sense of 100% do your job or 100% listen to audio (its a proven fact). What you will do however is do some of each. Admittedly, no one does their job 100% throughout their day at work. It’s actually more like the Office Space quote.

I'd probably, say, in a given week, I probably do about 
fifteen minutes of real, actual work.

So while you would normally daydream, or mentally sing along to your favorite song, you can now take your mental breaks by tuning into some educational facts. Lately I have been accomplishing this with Hardcore History presented by Dan Carlin. For anyone who loves history, this is a great set of podcasts. Sometimes his narration takes a bit to get into, however over the last two days I’ve come to realize that I just learned a whole bunch about Genghis Khan that I would have never known. Which means one thing … it works.

I am actually currently in the process of looking for more podcasts and more topics to listen to at work to see just how much I can learn. I do need to note that you should not stop doing your job, you will get fired.  And if you stop doing your job don’t come yelling to me about how you downloaded podcasts, because that problem is on you. But if you can manage to do your job, and do normally listen to an iPod or a radio, I suggest you try mixing in some education podcasts to your mix. You’ll pick up on a fair amount of knowledge and it seriously does not take any effort.

So What About Audio Books?

Well for those it depends on the content. If you’re trying to listen to Dante’s Inferno, you’re likely to miss half the story while attempting to do so. If you’re talking something strictly factual that is an extended version of a podcast, well that’ll work fine. The main thing to remember is that when you’re doing both your job and listening to something you wont fully focus on both. That means you’re likely to miss a fair amount of content playing in your ear, just like when you were still in school. With that in mind, you won’t be taking an actual class. So the key is just find some factual information that is presented through audio, and well you’ll be learning a fair amount in no time, and you’ll have put forth zero effort. Enjoy.

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